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The two sisters (1h37min)

Nina is a pretty Parisian girl who's convinced she's 110% gay until the day she surprises Daniella, her girlfriend, making love to a gorgeous blonde. Depressed, she finds refuge in the country, where Oksana, her sister, and her husband live a quite extravagant sexual life. Nina expected country people to be extremely prudish. In fact, she discovers a perverse, hedonistic world where rich provincial women dressed up in nice lingerie and high heels are indulging in nights of glorious debauchery with their husbands. New pleasures are experienced and consumed with everyone and... anyone in a decadent, sensual atmosphere. Soon, Nina enters our glorious orgy dome and takes part in erotic and hardcore sexual games of all kinds. Lesbian caresses, intense penetrations and sodomy are all on the menu for each greedy participant.

Anissa for you (39min)

Anissa Kate is a sexy young woman who perfectly knows how to seduce men. Her body to die for, her perfect curves and her much higher than average libido are a true call for sex and lust. Although she's been married for a few years, she has a very open relationship with her husband who knows that he is unable to fulfill all her needs by himself. In order to make her wait during one of his numerous business trips, Anissa's husband asked her to take care of two of his closest business partners.

Megan, escort deluxe (1h49min)

The very specific activies of high end escorts allow them to travel all over the world with all expenses paid for by their rich clients. Five young women have decided to make a living by giving pleasure to all the men they meet. Although they all have different looks, these young women all have one thing in common : an immoderate taste for sex and lust. Megan, a young american, flew all the way to Paris to meet to wealthy business men who wanted to have a good time between two meetings. Ready to fulfill all their fantasies, Megan will meet them in a magnificent Parisian loft and will give them her body for a long and deep double penetration. Julie, a beautiful girl from Belgium has an appointment with Kristof and two of his friends for a very special bachelor party.

Miss perverse (2h8min)

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