Etreintes sensuelles vol.2

Mercredi 27 janvier 2021 à 00:00 sur (Planète+ Action & Expérience).
Programme Déconseillé aux moins de 18 ans.
Ella Nova wears a crown made of daisies and takes a drag from a cigarette between light strums on a guitar. In flashes, the foreplay between her and Mickey Mod builds on this hazy afternoon. When the mood begins to swelter, they fall (anally) into it.? When a work-obsessed, technology-dependent Jay finds himself stranded on the side of the road, he's skeptical of the help offered by Lily, a free spirit with nowhere to be. It's the only help being offered though, and he takes it. Turns out Lily has a lot to offer. Kayden responds to an artist's ad for a nude model. He is married, though something sparks between them when he touches her. An affair unfolds that they both unsuccessfully resist. In this seasonally-themed montage, Xander and Rina turn traditional dynamics upside down.
  • Titre : Etreintes sensuelles vol.2
  • Titre original : Etreintes sensuelles vol.2
  • Durée : 1h59min