Private beauty

Samedi 31 octobre 2020 à 02:33 sur (Planète+ Action & Expérience).
Programme Déconseillé aux moins de 18 ans.
George, a mature man in the midst of a mid-life crisis, nothing seems to be going right, his world is collapsing around him just like his relationship with his wife and kids, However there's always different perspectives to discover and George decides to explore new ways of viewing his world, ways full of sex that make the most of any and every opportunity. You can discover them too in Private Beauty, a film full of private class starring the gorgeous Alexis Crystal, Lovita Fate, Cindy Shine, Brittany Bardot and Vinna Reed. Just like an old school classic, full of good writing and of course good sex, Private Beauty, be sure not to miss it!
  • Titre : Private beauty
  • Titre original : Private beauty
  • Durée : 2h17min
  • Paula Newman
  • Alexis Crystal
  • Brittany Bardot
  • Lovita Fate
  • Vinna Reed
  • Nick Ross
  • Thomas Hyka