Rêves de garces

Mercredi 9 décembre 2020 à 04:59 sur (Planète+ Action & Expérience).
Programme Déconseillé aux moins de 18 ans.
Chief mistress of Jenaro Martusano and eager to become his wife, Filomena is nevertheless convinced that her lover is cheating on her. She has resorted to the services of Remigio, a detective with questionable methods, to say the least. In effect, Jenaro has an affair with Carmela, a young nurse with whom he indulges in shameless sexual games. But when Jenaro goes back home, he finds a dying Filomena who makes him promise to take her in marriage. Troubled, he accepts. So Filomena becomes Mrs. Martusano and… immediately recovers. Furious about being fooled, Jenaro threatens her with divorce, but the beauty has more than one trick up her sleeve…
  • Titre : Rêves de garces
  • Titre original : Rêves de garces
  • Durée : 1h20min