Road Trip

Lundi 24 mai 2021 à 02:23 sur (Planète+ Action & Expérience).
Programme Déconseillé aux moins de 18 ans.
Three girlfriends who are complete opposites - Cléa, the social media star who constantly films herself during the day, Claire, the faithful wife and Cherry, the player - are on a road trip to Barcelona. Their mission: to return the car of a rich businessman who had to leave Paris quickly, and especially to have a good time at the region's sun-soaked beaches… During their trip, the three women become closer and lose their bearings, with each of them exploring the limits of their sexuality. Faced with her husband's infidelity, Claire lets herself go and joins in on her friends' sexual adventures. Through sex games and her initiation into the swinger life, she quickly catches up on lost time!
  • Hervé Bodilis
  • Lorenzo Viota
  • Nick Moreno
  • Ricky Mancini
  • Cléa Gaultier
  • Claire Castel